A Place to Departure

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An interactive
installation to
touch someone
on the other
side of
the world.

A Place to departure is an installation that allows people to interact remotely with each other by touch.

There were 2 windows: one in Beijing, China, and another in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The installations were apparently made only of glass and wood, but if you touched the equivalent point in the glass in Beijing and other person touch the same point in São Paulo simultaneously they would both feel that an interaction happened with a subtle vibration in the glass.

Window São Paulo and Beijin
Picture window in courtyard
Edson and a resident toching the window
Perspective of the window
Little boy having fun using the window
People and the window
Toching the window
Chinese'men smile with the idea of the window
Oliva and Edson talking in front of the window
Fotos por: Pedrinho Fonsenca e Isabela Herig

The Curator's view

Acknowledging distinct forms and established archetypes of a window, this object, that frames the World, is a launch area for dreams and possibilities.

Stretching the concept of digital interaction, A Place to Departure encompasses technology, in a silent way. Developed as an answer on how to express intimacy, it allows people in different places to feel each other, interacting with a - transparent to the eyes - haptic feedback system. As you look through the window you can see it is crystal clear, but as you touch it, a digital mark of your touch is instantly transported to a second window, allowing you to reach the other side of the world and gently feel it, beyond the distance.

In compass to their location, the design will gather local attributes giving the object its own sense of belonging. Connected by the moment, separated by place and form. The window will be designed by algorithms embodied by geographic coordinates of its place to be. It is the place that defines the form.

Two different windows. Two different cities.
Understanding technology as a tool to improve life and decrease distance, respecting and demanding their territory.

location based generative pattern

technology made transparent

Knowing you are touching the glass

Illustration of Input Sensor Input Sensor
  • 7Hz Scanning Lidar
    (Laser Detection And Ranging Sensor)
  • Sub-millimetre resolution (0.05cm)
  • 6 Meter Max Radial Range
  • 2.5Ksps (2500 samples per second)

Making you physically feel the interaction

Illustration of Hapitc Output Haptic Output
  • Two Surface Transducers
    (Electromagnetic Coil Transducers)
  • 2x6 Watt (6 Watt each)
  • Powered by an amplified 24Bit DAC (Digital Analog Converter) allowing for arbitrary wave pattern generation

Making everything work together

Illustration of controllers CPU and Embedded Software
  • An ARMv6k running an embedded Linux kernel
  • Custom made multi-threaded firmware:
    -Parsing & Touch Mapping Algorithms
    -Automatic Sensor calibration
    -Self-recovery watchdog module
  • Custom Sensor Drivers
  • Transducer Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Remote monitoring & provisioning (Autoupdates)
Illustration of Connectivity Connectivity and Server
  • Multiple Network connection alternatives: -100/10 Ethernet Connection
    -54 Mbps Wifi Connection
    -3/4g Cellular link option
  • Cloud Patch-Panel server allowing for transparent NAT/Firewall traversal
Illustration of Rule Object
  • 2,0m x 1,80m x 0,18m Raw Wood Laser Cutted
  • 2,0m x 1,73m x 0,08m Tempered Glass

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Anne Berthelon's face
A Place to Departure grants an opportunity to meet the other side of the World naturally attractive for an artist deprived of a Passport by the authorities.
Anne-France Berthelon, for Next-Libération.
Edson's face
My understanding of tech is making something so well done that it disappears. Only the people, the ideas and the connections between them are left.
Edson Pavoni, D3.
  • Designed By D3 Brand
  • Commissioned By Coletivo Brand

COLETIVOAMORDEMADRE seeks to create exchanges, share information and rethink our mindset developing and trading design works in varied scales by contemporary designers and artists from distinct regions and cultures of the world.

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    Olivia Yassudo

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D3 overlaps software development, hardware engineering and interface design since 2002. Back then, high school friends, Edson Pavoni and João Souza aimed to explore their passion for interactive design, using cutting edge technology with humanistic purposes, combining and balancing science and poetry.

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